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With the reach of the internet, it can be hard to tell the true professionals from the other guys. How do you know you are dealing with the right people – ones who really have your practice’s best interest at heart? Clinician’s Advisor is made up of industry experts with over 20 years of experience. Our mission is to build a community of clinicians that together, provide a safe forum for other aesthetic clinicians to ask questions, discuss issues, communicate with other clinicians, and get advice from unbiased professionals. We are clinicians and industry experts that are part of the community. Rather than steer you towards any one solution, consultants ask questions and try to give the best advice for your specific situation without any pressure or obligation. We invite you to look around YOUR site, check out all the ways to communicate, and get ready for new features being added regularly.


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Before you purchase a new medical aesthetic laser, find out the inside track on how aesthetic lasers and energy-based medical devices are bought, sold, warrantied, and serviced. Learn how to avoid unnecessary costs and risks and enjoy greater profitability faster. Even learn how to market your business! The experts at Clinician’s Advisor have compiled a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide packed with helpful purchasing strategies, up-to-date information about the medical esthetics equipment marketplace, and a wealth of unbiased advice on how to get make sure you are getting the most from your investment. Click HERE for a no-obligation, complimentary copy.


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Are you in the market for medical aesthetic equipment? Trying to figure out what to do with your current cosmetic lasers? Let Clinician’s Advisor take the guess work out of  purchasing, trading, or selling laser equipment. With years of aesthetic laser industry experience guiding us, we are the people you want to consult with before you make a decision! Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, without obligation, and let us give you free, unbiased advice on navigating through the wide selection of both new and pre-owned aesthetic medical devices, as well as related services, in the marketplace.



Wondering how to get the most for your current laser system? Not sure what to do with that medical aesthetic equipment sitting unused in the corner? Let the professionals at Clinician’s Advisor provide you with unbiased advice on howto get the full fair market value for your investment, without any obligation. Our team has hundreds of industry contacts, relationships with trusted laser refurbishment services, and contacts with medical professionals looking for quality used medical aesthetic equipment. As a community of like minded aesthetic clinicians, tap into the many resources on this site. Wondering how much your used laser is worth? The industry experts here at Clinician’s Advisor can help you determine the value of your equipment without any pressure, hassle, or obligation. Click to FIND OUT HOW MUCH MY LASER IS WORTH! It’s free!


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When considering purchasing new medical aesthetic equipment, there is much hype, marketing fluff, and misinformation in the marketplace. Let the expert consultants at Clinician’s Advisor give you peace of mind by providing essential purchasing strategies and helpful comparisons between machines. We will endeavor to find the right technology that enables you to provide the latest medical aesthetic treatments without breaking the bank. Contact us to start a no pressure, no obligation conversation where we can help you find the right technology at the right price.


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Whether it is time to add a new device to your practice or sell a device that has been sitting in the closed unused, Clinician’s Advisor helps you maximize your advantages at every step of the lifecycle of your cosmetic medical device:

  • Researching Device Capabilities
  • Product Inclusions (package)
  • Purchasing New or Used
  • Marketing Your Services
  • Maximizing Your R.O.I.
  • Maintenance/Repairs
  • Selling/Trading the Laser