Cosmetic laser consultants


Your Cosmetic Laser Partner

As you know, laser lipolysis, hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, photofacials, vein treatments, and other elective cosmetic procedures have shifted from an extravagance to mainstream requests. One cannot open a popular magazine without a mention of some sort of medical laser treatment. Your sales representative can help you expand into the market with a quicker potential return on investment. Start a no-cost, no-obligation conversation by logging into your sales representative’s client area or contacting your representative directly.

Cosmetic laser consultants

Free, No-obligation consultation on Buying New or Used medical Equipment

Determining whether or not it makes sense to buy new or used medical equipment has traditionally been difficult and frustrating. was developed to provide free advise on when it makes sense to buy pre-owned or new. Your sales representative has access to, and experience with, a wide array of manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, refurbishers, service providers, trainers, and other support staff. With the help of, finding the right equipment that fits your specific practice involves starting an obligation free conversation. Talk with your sales representative us and let him/her help you make up your own mind by providing accurate information, industry trends, unadvertised “deals” and incentives, and feedback from other clinicians who have used or are currently using the equipment you are contemplating. invites you to tap into the many free resources provided. When you are ready to have a discussion with your sales representative, login with the access information provided by your sales representative or contact him/her directly.  Once inside the sales representative’s Client Area, you will find more specific information about the devices and technology offerings as well as a wealth of information on how to incorporate these devices into your practice.

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